BigMove Launches New Low-Bed Semitrailers


Garching – April 4, 2019 – BigMove AG is now using a new generation of low-bed semitrailers to transport heavy goods across Europe. The new vehicles have been developed specially for the requirements of the construction industry. Thanks to their various axle units, which can be mixed and matched as required, these semitrailers are compatible with almost all kinds of heavy-goods consignments. Their key advantage lies in their compact design, allowing them to deliver outstanding flexibility and maximum load capacities.

When developing the new low-bed semitrailers, the constructors focused on straightforward handling, i.e. the speedy loading/unloading of heavy-goods vehicles. Other factors during the development phase were a reduction of net weight to 41.8 metric tons and a decrease in axle loads. The new vehicle generation is therefore exceptionally agile and kind to roads. What’s more, the weight of the goods being transported can be distributed optimally across the surface of the low bed.

The new low-bed semitrailers, which bear the BigMove insignia “Chamäleon II,” can be deployed with a variety of axle combinations. A partially modular platform body with a dolly trailer enables use with three- and four-axle trucks. The vehicles also come with a hollow in the rear trailer unit, which can be used for the transportation of additional cargo such as digger/crane arms. As a result, additional assembly can be avoided and costs reduced. BigMove AG can transport loads of up to about 105 metric tons with the new semitrailers.

“By developing and procuring these new vehicles for its fleet, the BigMove network has gained a key edge on the competition. The vehicles are easy to operate and can be used flexibly within the BigMove network. As a result, we can meet even the most exacting demands in terms of heavy-goods haulage,” explains Olaf Beckedorf, CEO of BigMove AG. “The vehicles can easily be used interchangeably within the network – without us having to apply for any extra permits, as would usually otherwise be the case.”
The investment initially comprises 19 low-bed semitrailers of the next generation. BigMove AG aims to grow further. In order to strengthen its network, it intends to focus its investments on semitrailers and extendible trailers.

About BigMove AG:
BigMove AG has been operating since 2004 as an alliance of 13 medium-sized heavy-duty logistics companies in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Slovenia, and Poland. This alliance of mainly regionally operating companies forms a strong network and bundles the respective competencies. Furthermore, through its partners, BigMove AG maintains a comprehensive approvable route network and the necessary fleet. All the group’s vehicles are standardized. All this makes the BigMove network a strong alliance of leading heavy-duty freight forwarders offering customized and efficient solutions for all kinds of heavy-duty transports. For more information, visit

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