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Sharing is the better way of having, because that way also the customer gains more. BigMove is the European network in special and heavy haulage logistics, which has covered all partner sites with its specialized interchangeable vehicles. By sharing technical know-how, a pre-preserved route network and vehicle compatibility amongst one-another BigMove develops planning and temporal advantages. These efficiency benefits are passed on to the customers benefit.

BigMove simply does it.

BigMove AG


BigMove consists of 15 medium-sized companies located in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Slovenia and Poland with altogether 600 years of  market experience and over five billion kilometers of road transport.

Each partner company has its own regional specific expertise which is shared in common forums. This results in a 360° range of services for heavy haulage.

BigMove covers a pre-preserved network of major routes with its combinable vehicles. The combination of standardized fleet vehicles plus an approved enabled route network and the networking of members’ know-how makes the BigMove network faster, more flexible and more efficient. Results are tailor-made efficient solutions for virtually any logistical requirement.

Fleet Vehicles

Goldhofer UT

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Road Runner

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Easy Stretch

BigMove AG

In Cooperation with major vehicle manufacturers BigMove developed its own vehicles. Additionally to the already established specialized vehicle fleet of each member there have been eight different vehicle designs created within BigMove since 2004. These BigMove fleet vehicles are optimized for different applications and they are available in identical constructions at every member’s location. Comprehensive Route permits are held and vehicles are replaced by one another easily if necessary. This optimizes an exchange in heavy haulage, reduces deadheads and increases the efficiency of cooperation in the network.

Within BigMove are a total of 400 trucks and 750 special trailers with a capacity of more than 20,000 tons in use.

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BigMove AG


The regional experience of each partner determines the know-how regarding which routes are currently the best disposable ones. Given a rather poor infrastructure at the time, the overall advantage for BigMove arises from being ‘closer’ to an approvable and appropriate heavy transport route network because of regional experiences of all members coming together. BigMove keeps its route network as available as possible, namely because the corresponding route permits are in constant consultation by the authorities. Thus, suitable routes are available more quickly than they would be via new consultations for any individual case. The result is an approvable pre-preserved route network, which brings customers time and planning benefits. This know-how is BigMove’s focus.

BigMove AG

Range of Services

Special transports throughout Europe, projects, assembly, handling, storage and workshop services are comprising the spectrum of services of the network. The 360° range of services for heavy transport though arises by the cooperation of regional and special know-how of the individual member companies - basing on decades of experience of each company in their market. Regional and specific industry knowledge come together within the network and form a common technical basis, which achieves more than the sum of its parts.

The know-how exchange via continuous meetings of the departments of all partner companies as well as via internet-based forums of the individual department is guaranteed.

Due to the increase in complexity and requirements in the heavy cargo, co-founder Seeland supports with the self-developed 3D laser metrology vehicle for a database-driven optimal route planning.

BigMove AG


All members are involved in BigMove as companies with their own fleets. BigMove combines all the know-how of its members and provides the exchange of information and services between them. By optimizing and standardizing technical equipment as well as planning processes common high quality standards are implemented.

Future challenges are therefore approached jointly. The central focus is always on the customer. Primary objective is to continuously deliver top performance for every client at the best possible price.

The board of directors:

BigMove AG
Olaf Beckedorf

Markus Geser
BigMove AG

Competence Teams

We have the perfect solution for any heavy haulage transport of the future: The 450 towing trucks and 800 specialized trailers with a capacity of more than 20,000 tons are distributed among 15 sights. Basing on the route network and vehicle exchange possibilities capacities can be exchanged regionally on short notice. This way necessary capacities come together with special skills in the desired location. With decades of experience of the partner companies divided into the four competence teams BigMove bundles its strengths according to expertise. Specialists are required for special tasks.

Essentials in international special and heavy haulage transport are an industry-specific planning, the availability of specific technology and special knowledge of the relevant legislation.

BigMove AG


Competence Team for the Construction Industry:

Especially in the construction industry common fleet vehicles and route permits are of highest relevance. Standardized loading units and the daily collaboration of six partner companies distributed over Germany make the difference in flexibility and speed of response.

BigMove AG


Competence Team for the Engineering Industry:

For the necessary transport capabilities in plant and mechanical engineering additional services and know-how in terms of storage and assembly and the organisation of further transport are provided, primarily on waterways which are of particular importance.  Networking in these specific areas of experience is perfectly suited.

BigMove AG


Competence Team for the Wind Industry:

The mix does it: Optimized vehicles, efficient use and sustainable environmental protection. For the highly flexible wind industry, BigMove therefore plans in temporal, spacial and technical dimensions.

BigMove AG


Competence Team for Projects:

BigMove implements turnkey projects nationally and internationally. Technical experience, capacities and personal experiences in the field of networking of all international traffic carriers are of top priority.


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