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BigMove expands its heavy haulage network with new partner

Mintraching – October 11, 2021
– Heavy load specialist BigMove AG based in Mintraching, Bavaria, is relying on new partners and expanding its network for oversized cargoes. The addition of Zureck Logistik GmbH from Brandenburg as the youngest member in the association of Europe’s leading heavy-duty logistics companies will further strengthen the network. The partnership extends to collaboration, an exchange of know-how and experience and the implementation of joint projects.

With internationally operating Zureck Logistik GmbH as 12th partner, the BigMove consortium is gaining an especially strong company. The heavy goods logistics company with locations in the cities of Brandenburg and Umea (Sweden) has a fleet of 40 special transporters and 50 escort vehicles. The company also has more than 3,000 m2 of storage area for heavy goods handling. The BigMove network will also benefit from the range of services offered by Zureck GmbH. The Brandenburg logistics company not only transports heavy loads, but is also a specialist in route planning and route management, right up to safeguarding and escorting heavy goods transports Europe-wide.

“With Zureck Logistik, we are welcoming an innovative logistics company into our ranks that will in the future make a decisive contribution to our network in the areas of transport management and services, such as complete BF4 and BF3 transport escort services. And, with Zureck Logistik GmbH and its location in Sweden, we are also expanding our alliance of companies geographically,” explains Olaf Beckedorf, CEO of BigMove AG.

Zureck Logistik GmbH CEO Christoph Zureck also sees nothing but advantages in the new partnership. “We hope to be able to make an important contribution to executing joint projects within the network. Being able to rely on close collaboration and an exchange of know-how will equip us to cope with the demands of the heavy cargo logistics market of the future. Together we are strong.“

With Zureck Logistik GmbH, the BigMove network now has 12 partners in Europe. This gives BigMove AG access to around 500 special vehicles for the transport and handling of heavy goods. State-of-the-art technical equipment and bundled competencies allow all member companies to offer customized solutions for even the most complex heavy-duty transports.
About BigMove AG:

BigMove AG has been operating since 2004 as an alliance of 12 medium-sized heavy-duty logistics companies in Austria, Germany and Czech Republic with several locations in Central and Eastern Europe. This alliance of mainly regionally operating companies forms a strong network and bundles the respective competencies. Furthermore, through its partners, BigMove AG maintains a comprehensive approvable route network and the necessary fleet. All the group’s vehicles are standardized. All this makes the BigMove network a strong alliance of leading heavy-duty freight forwarders offering customized and efficient solutions for all kinds of heavy-duty transports. For more information, visit

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