With a heavy load from Great Britain to Slovakia.


Heavy transport of an injection moulding machine with a total weight of approx. 110 tonnes.
A long journey for the company P. Adams Schwertransporte.

With two vehicles, the transport first started with the ferry from Zeebrugge to Purfleet and on to Northampton to the loading point, in Northampton the industrial machine was dismantled into 2 parts (82 tonnes + 28 tonnes) and loaded onto both vehicles. + 28 tonnes) and loaded onto both vehicles.
On the return journey, the injection moulding machine was transported by ferry from Purfleet to Rotterdam and from Rotterdam, via Germany, through Austria to the destination Dolny-Kubin in Slovakia.

The cargo was delivered to its final destination professionally and as agreed.
The dimensions of the two heavy transports were as follows: 29.00m x 4.00m x 4.20m // 138,500kg and 17.20m x 3.00m x 4.00m // 50,000kg.

P. Adams Schwertransporte – Partner of BigMove AG.

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